Useful Links

Find here the most useful links to websites of the crypto space

Exchanges (CEX)

Not all exchanges are a safe place to buy and trade crypto. Here are some exchanges that at least seem to be taking care of regulations and security. But always move your long term positions away from exchanges and store your keys onto hardware wallets! Remember: Not your keys, not your coins!

  • Börse Stuttgard Exchange (buy BTC, ETH cheap and store it their secure on a cold storage)
  • Staking some CRO here will give you a VISA Debit Card that you can use to pay everywhere with crypto
  • not many features but stable and no legal issues so far
  • Great exchange with low fees, low spread, many features. Biggest exchange in volume. My first choice!
  • Huge amount of smaller coins, situated in Asia, works great, I’m using it for years now.
  • One of the best Exchanges with enhanced trading features, if you want to dive into daytrading.

Decentralised Exchanges (DEX)

Dexes are not owned by a company. They are just smart contracts and your coins need to be on a wallet, like MetaMask, to swap on a Dex.


  • Ledger Nano X (Nano S only holds 2 chains at a time, better choose the Nano X)
    Here is where you store the majority of your portfolio for long term, the safest way. All your bitcoin should be kept here.
    Also remember to NOT store your 24 words on your computer!! Write them on paper or steel and put them in a safe!
  • In my eyes the best mobile wallet. Can store BTC and most altcoins. Great for paying on vacation.
  • Wallet of Satoshi is the no.1 Lightning Wallet for your mobile phone for paying in the streets.

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